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Currencies's foreign exchange currency converter

Your foreign exchange currency converter, forex currency converters- international foreign money exchange rates for individuals, investors and businesses.

We can help you with foreign exchange currency converters in the following 60 countries:

Australia Aus. Dollars
Bahrain U.S $
Balearic Islands Euros
Brazil U.S $
Belgium Euros
Canada Canadian $
Canary Islands Euros
U.S. $
China U.S $ / Renminbi (Restrictions apply)
Cyprus Cyprus
Croatia U.S $
Czech CSK or U.S $
Denmark Kroner
Egypt U.S $
France Euros
Finland Markka
Germany Euros
Greece Euros
Holland Euros
Hong Kong H.K Dollars
Hungary U.S $
Iceland Krona
Ireland Euros
Italy Euros
Indonesia U.S $ temp Suspended
India U.S $
Jamaica U.S $
Japan Yen
Jordan U.S $
Kuwait U.S $ or Over 1000 in Dinars
Malta Maltese
Maldives U.S $
Mauritius U.S.Dollars
Mexico U.S $
Norway Krona
New Zealand N.Z $
Oman U.S $
Poland U.S $
Portugal Euros
Phillippines U.S $
Qatar U.S $
Russia U.S $
Saudi Arabia U.S $
Spain Euros
Singapore Singapore Dollars
Slovakia U.S $ or Euros
South Africa ZAR
South Korea U.S $
Sri Lanka U.S $
Sweden Kroner
Switzerland Swiss Francs
Taiwan U.S $
Thailand Bahts
Trinidad U.S $
Tobago U.S $
Turkey U.S $ or Euros
Vietnam U.S Dollars
United States U.S $

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Your confidentiality is guaranteed at all times

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